Moving to the US

A common sentiment in the US right now is that it's a good time to leave, but I've chosen to do the opposite.

Yes, I, McKenzie Day, eternal nomad and committed vagabond, am on my way back to the States! After 6 years abroad, I accepted a job offer in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be moving there in July. Weird timing, right?
Except it's not.

This is the time when people in the US need allies. Immigrants, refugees, the poor, people of color, women, environmentalists, Native Americans, laborers, the disabled, Muslims, LGBTQ, and hell, even trees, need allies. I was severely depressed the month after the election, but I'm now seeing it as a wake up call. Obama's Presidency was eight years of complacency, and this is not the time or place for that mentality anymore. The US government is actively dismantling all the structures in place to protect the vulnerable, and they will continue to do so unless people fight back. The spread of 'alternative facts' and the silencing of federal employees is unacceptable.

Can't wait to be contributing to this movement
for basic human decency and compassion

I was talking to my friends yesterday on Whatsapp and we were saying it's so hard to choose a cause at this point because everything we hold dear is under attack. Reproductive Rights? Police accountability? Climate Change? Immigrants? Who do we help first?! I'm not going to get anything done sitting on my perch in Hong Kong, that's for sure. I'm able to donate money from here, but that feels so passive. At least in the US I can donate money AND my physical body, because only so much can get done from behind a computer screen. I want to be in it, actively.

The only protest I've participated in here, because
the HK government wouldn't issue permits for the Women's March

I will be teaching history at an international school in Atlanta, so I am staying in the IB network, which is good in case I decide to move abroad again in a few years. As a student of the IB program myself, I can say that the curriculum is very meaningful. There is an emphasis on global citizenship, and the students of the program graduate feeling like they are responsible for the state of the planet. Teaching an overly nationalistic American history curriculum would feel too much like propaganda to me, and I'm already going to be on the lookout for signs of reverse culture shock. At least my career will be consistent, even if a return to mega stores, car payments, and pro-lifers won't be.

Look out Atlanta, you ready for me?


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